What is a coach?

A coaches motivates and teaches so that others can reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. This principle is never more true than when it comes to life coaches. As we grow older, our focus changes, for most to the point where we spend day in and day out working to help someone else achieve their dreams and desires, while we ignore our own. At Fagan & Associates, we believe that everyone has the right to prosper and live happily, that's why we work with you to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

How does it work?

Through coaching techniques we can guide you down a new path where you can start a rediscovery of yourself and redefine what you want out of life. An important part of coaching is listening because we need to know you, but it's also asking the questions you may not have asked yourself yet. We work with you to create action plans with measurable goals to keep you focused on achieving the overall goal. As part of our coaching methods, we concentrate on all three aspects of you as a person, Mental, Physical, and Emotional, to create an understanding and balance in your life.

Want to help others? Become a Coach!

There are always those that want to reach out and help others find happiness and achieve long forgotten goals. If that sounds like you, learn how you can become Certified as a Professional Life Coach and start your own fast track successful business in the rapidly growing Life Coaching Industry. We are dedicated to helping you find a clearer direction for your life.

Take The First Steps...

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